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    http://archives.cbc.ca [9697]
    Archives.cbc.ca: Discover Canada's history through CBC Radio and Television. This free site features thousands of radio and television clips from the archives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
    Category: Reading - History
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    http://www.canadiana.ca/en/eco [930]
    Canadiana.ca : ECO. Early Canadiana Online (ECO) is a comprehensive online collection of early Canadian print heritage. It offers twelve collections representing over three million pages and is continually expanding its content. The collections include material published from the time of the first European settlers to the first two decades of the 20th Century. The entire collection is accessible to subscribers, while approximately 40% can be accessed for free. Under ECO Learning Resources, teachers will find a number of lesson plans.
    Category: Reading - History
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    http://www.canadiana.org/citm [9688]
    Canadiana.org: Site is about the history of Canada through the words of the men and women who shaped the nation. Built around the Government Documents collection of the Early Canadiana Online collection, it integrates narrative text with links to primary source texts.
    Category: Reading - History
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    http://canadianhistoryontheweb.ca/ [835]
    CanadianHistoryOnTheWeb.ca : An exhaustive site meant as a resource to get you started on your search for historical sites. Its comprehensive series of links provides material for research such as articles, original documents, historical graphics and more. There is even a section named Fun and Games on the site.
    Category: Reading - History
  • 5
    http://chnm.gmu.edu/ [1698]
    chnm.gmu.edu : Center for History and New Media. The Teaching and Learning section provides free access to primary sources, building high-quality online teaching modules, and offering instruction on critical thinking skills. Research and Tools develops publications and applications to define digital humanities with an imaginative selection of free tools for Internet research, while Collecting and Exhibiting collects digital records, archives documents of the past, and presents historical exhibits.
    Category: Reading - History
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    http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/2/4/ [1317]
    CollectionsCanada.gc.ca : First Among Equals. Site about Canadian Prime Ministers that focuses on five main themes: Alone at the Top; The Path to Power; Leading Canada; Private Life; and Afterwards.
    Category: Reading - History
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    http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/primeministers/kids/index... [1318]
    CollectionsCanada.gc.ca : Prime Ministers: Kids. Site about Canadian Prime Ministers that focuses on five main themes: Alone at the Top; The Path to Power; Leading Canada; Private Life; and Afterwards. Also includes a Fun section with trivia, matching games, and Picture Gallery, and a section for teachers.
    Category: Reading - History
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    http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/women/index-e.html [1336]
    CollectionsCanada.gc.ca : Women. A selection of exceptional Canadian women who have made outstanding contributions to their society and the world in fields like cinema, theatre, arts, sport, activism, science, and others. Each woman\'s life and achievements are described, followed by a list of Resources. Two lesson plans (a collection of ideas and a crossword puzzle) have been included on the site.
    Category: Reading - History
  • 9
    http://www.edunetconnect.com/cat/candict [9710]
    EdunetConnect.com: Dictionary of events, places, people and times in Canadian History.
    Category: Reading - History
  • 10
    http://www.histori.ca/minutes/default.do?page=.index [1327]
    Histori.ca : minutes. Series of short clips lasting from one minute to ninety seconds. The Historica Minutes recounts significant moments of Canadian history. Footprints focuses on sports achievements. Radio Minutes presents radio drama with Canadian actors. Screen Legends describes the contributions of Canadians to the history of film and television. Includes lessons plans.
    Category: Reading - History
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