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    • 1
      http://cic.simplux.com/ [9969]
      Canada Chinese Information Network: Information resources for Chinese in Canada.
      Category: ESL for Chinese Learners
    • 2
      http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/language_tips/index.html [9968]
      ChinaDaily.com.cn (language tips): Free bilingual website offering language tips about learning English and western culture. Bilingual news, word and story, translation tips, audio & video, book channel, kids English and a lot more.
      Category: ESL for Chinese Learners
    • 3
      http://chinaholisticenglish.org/ [10134]
      ChinaHolisticEnglish.org: About an innovative English foreign language acquisition program referred to as Holistic English and developed over a seven-year period by Dr. Niu Qiang of Changchun University and Martin Wolff, a China Foreign Expert. Site content is organized around five categories: Holistic English books and workbooks, teaching English in China, language policy, and a download page where they offer free copies of some of their most popular articles.
      Category: ESL for Chinese Learners
    • 4
      http://www.eslall.cn [9912]
      ESLall.cn: EFL and ESL directory of resources designed for Chinese learners. Homepage is written in Chinese.
      Category: ESL for Chinese Learners
    • 5
      http://vlc.polyu.edu.hk/common/ [948]
      VLC.polyu.edu.hk: common. Common Errors in English. A site devoted to errors common to all non-native users of English, with some categories of error which are far more common in Hong Kong than elsewhere.
      Category: ESL for Chinese Learners