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      http://www.kindersite.org [1697]
      Over 1,000s of links to the best games, songs and stories for the introduction to English. Used in 7,400 schools in 123 countries.

      Category: Children
    • 12
       Business Related   http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en [800]
      LearnEnglish.BritishCouncil.org : Learn English online withgames, listening activities, and grammar exercises, and by reading current and archived articles in the online magazine. You can also test your English-language proficiency. Become a member to add comments to the site or ask questions to get help with your English.
      Category: Children
    • 13
      http://www.mingoville.com/fr.html [7244]
      Mingoville: English as a second language for children. Online play courses, games, grammar, songs, and more.
      Category: Children
    • 14
      http://www.peclogit.org/kidsquiz.asp [5639]
      Peclogit.org: PE Central Kids Quiz. A fun, daily quiz designed for kids between the ages of 8 and 18.
      Category: Children
    • 15
      http://www.stonesoup.com/archive/listen [7837]
      StoneSoup.com: Listen to children reading stories online. You can even listen and read along, and look at some illustrations.
      Category: Children
    • 16
      http://storynory.com/ [959]
      Storynory.com: Beautifully read audio stories for children and adults with text. Listen online or via podcast. Fairytales, myths, legends and stories from around the world.
      Category: Children
    • 17
      http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/writing-storypics/chri... [1111]
      SuperTeacherWorksheets.com : Christmas Elf Strike. Link to a printable illustrated sheet to write your own Christmas story about a labor dispute at the North Pole.
      Category: Children
    • 18
      http://www.esl4kids.net/tongue.html [10255]
      The EFL Playhouse: A collection of tongue twisters, with one or more tongue twisters for every letter in the English alphabet.
      Category: Children
    • 19
      http://www.wordpower.ws [1363]
      WordPower.ws : The Word Power web site is a free educational resource that enables students of all ages and at all levels to learn English online through its extensive English grammar section, as well as many other parts including Phonics, Idioms, Word Searches, Tongue Twisters etc.. The site has a simple design that is colourful and printer-friendly.
      Category: Children
    • 20
      http://www.call4all.us///home/_all.php?fi=0 [7823]
      World CALL Directory (www.call4all.us) Site Map: A Virtual Encyclopedia of all major language learning links, Web dictionaries, Computer-Assisted Language Learning organizations in the world, and a lot more.
      Category: Children
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