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      http://www.tenbyten.org/10x10.html [3026]
      10x10™: Get a new images of the world each hour. An automated interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time.
      Gleaned hourly from international news sources and presented without human intervention.

      Category: Media
    • 2
      http://www.24hrnews.ca/ [9679]
      24hrnews.ca: Canada news, news video, newspaper, jobs, travel, health, and resource site.
      Category: Media
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       Business Related  http://adbusters.org/the_magazine/ [9680]
      Adbusters.org: A Canadian not-for-profit organization and magazine dealing with the impact of advertising (the corporate media) on our culture and environment.
      Category: Media
    • 4
      http://www.adbusters.org/magazine [4585]
      Adbusters: Activist's magazine focusing on media, advertising, politics, and many other subjects. Useful for reading comprehension. Also blogs and videos.
      Category: Media
    • 5
      http://www.ananova.com/ [3025]
      Ananova.com: Watch and listen to a virtual news anchor that reads aloud the latest news.
      Category: Media
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       Business Related  http://www.johnpilger.com/articles [4619]
      JohnPilger.com: Online articles by John Pilger, about globalization, business, wars, politics and international issues.
      Category: Media
    • 7
      http://www.journalismnet.com/canada/ [2937]
      JournalismNet.com/Canada: The Investigative Guide to Internet Research. How to find news, people or media in Canada. Canadian search tools.
      Category: Media
    • 8
      http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/index.cfm [1338]
      Media-Awareness.ca : Canada?s award-winning online source of media and education resources. Subjects include alcohol and tobacco use, body image, diversity, gender portrayal, and ethics. Materials can be collected in a content-cart. Offers games, news, blogs, and a catalogue. The site is searchable by grade level, subject, or province/territory.
      Category: Media
    • 9
      http://www.thedailyshow.com/ [7242]
      The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: News about current events and pop culture. Videos, articles and forums.
      Category: Media