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     Business Related  http://search.aol.com/ [222]
    Search.AOL.com: Search Engine featuring web and directory searches.
    AOL Web Search provides users with editorial listings that come Google's crawler-based index. Indeed, the same search on Google and AOL Web Search will come up with very similar matches. So, why would you use AOL Search? Primarily because you are an AOL user. The "internal" version of AOL Web Search provides links to content only available within the AOL online service. In this way, you can search AOL and the entire web at the same time. The "external" version lacks these links. Why wouldn't you use AOL Search? If you like Google, many of Google's features such as "cached" pages are not offered by AOL Search.

    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
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     Business Related  http://search.netscape.com/search/webhome [234]
    Search.Netscape.com: Search Engine. Combines results from the Netcenter, Open Directory and the Web.
    Owned by AOL Time Warner, Netscape Search uses Google for its main listings. So why use Netscape Search rather than Google? The main difference between Netscape Search and Google is that Netscape Search will list some of Netscape's own content at the top of its results. Netscape also has a completely different look and feel than Google. If you like either of these reasons, then try Netscape Search. Otherwise, you're probably better off just searching at Google.

    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
  • 33
    http://shakespeare.clusty.com/ [8682]
    Shakespeare Searched: Full-text search engine of the works of Shakespeare, by play or by character.
    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
  • 34
     Business Related  http://www.stockmarketyellowpages.com/ [614]
    StockMarketYellowPages.com: A list of exclusively public companies searchable by particular word or phrases.
    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
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     Business Related  http://www.switchboard.com/ [1671]
    Switchboard.com: A great American residential and business phone directory.
    Over 90 million names and 10 million businesses across the U.S.A. for free.

    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
  • 36
     Business Related  http://totalnews.com/index.htm [887]
    TotalNews.com: A search engine and directory of news sites.
    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
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     Business Related  http://www.webcrawler.com [236]
    WebCrawler.com: Search Engine providing metasearch results from popular engines and directories.
    By searching with WebCrawler you get to search multiple search engines at once. WebCrawler's metasearch technology highlights the strengths of many of the Web's major search properties, delivering more relevant and comprehensive results every time you search. The results returned from these search engines include commercial (sponsored) and non-commercial results.

    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
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     Business Related  http://www.yahoo.com [237]
    Yahoo.com: The most popular search engine in the world after Google. Provides an interface for finding information, news, images, products, and local services.
    Launched in 1994, Yahoo is the web's oldest "directory," a place where human editors organize web sites into categories. However, in October 2002, Yahoo made a giant shift to crawler-based listings for its main results. These came from Google until February 2004. Now, Yahoo uses its own search technology. In addition to excellent search results, you can use tabs above the search box on the Yahoo home page to seek images, Yellow Page listings or use Yahoo's excellent shopping search engine.

    Category: Research Tools - Search Engines
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