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    • 11 [953] VLC (Virtual Language Center). English as a second language site, with grammar, reading comprehension, crossword puzzles, dictionary, concordancer, newspaper,articles etc.
      Category: Games
    • 12 [9736]
      English 4 U: Online grammar tests, exercises about countries and cities, crosswords, irregular verbs exercises, texts and vocabulary quizzes.
      Category: Games
    • 13 [4471] A series of word games for you to download and play. You can also play online.
      Category: Games
    • 14 [250] Matching games, crossword games, hangman games, typing test, rest zone, etc.
      Welcome to Games, where you can play and learn online! By playing these games you'll be having fun and learning English at the same time. Matching games, crossword games, hangman games, typing test, rest zone. Good luck!

      Category: Games
    • 15 [1673]
      ESL A great web page about food.
      Contains quizzes, a discussion forum, games and activities, and links to other web sites about food.

      Category: Games
    • 16 [1691] Etymologic is a tough word game to test your vocabulary knowledge.
      Category: Games
    • 17 [4499] Free vocabulary games or activities for beginners or elementary English students. There is some help for Spanish students of English in some exercices.
      Category: Games
    • 18 [1486] Concentration games for ESL students.
      Contributed by Charles I. Kelly.

      Category: Games
    • 19 [1445] Joggle Game.
      Try to find words in the grid within a 3-minute time limit. The longer the word, the more points it is worth.

      Category: Games
    • 20 [1457] Online games for studying spelling and reviewing vocabulary.
      Category: Games
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