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    • 21 [1324] You have to prove to MRMIND that you are not a machine. MRMIND is a computer program, not a human! He doesn\'t think or understand or feel.... but he isn\'t so sure that you do either. The creators of the program will be reading the logs, so mind what you say and have fun!
      Category: Games
    • 22 [820] Vocabulary, Vocabulary Games - a free resource used in over 24,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery; written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.
      Category: Games
    • 23 [255]
      NormandCompany. com: Stickman Murder Mystery is a site where you can be a detective and solve murder mysteries.
      The online role playing "Stickman Murder Mystery Games" site is where you can be a detective and solve murder mysteries in the crime riddled city of "Stickville". If you are looking for free online role playing games, interactive cartoon games with stick death, rpg games, murder mystery party games or role playing games - then you've come to the right place!

      Category: Games
    • 24 [10310]
      Ohio Activities, exercises and quizzes. This pages contains several links to various websites offering many fun activities, tests etc. suitable for all levels of knowledge.
      Category: Games
    • 25 [1038]
      Play the hangman word game online.
      Category: Games
    • 26 [1690]
      Puzzle An award-winning site with many different types of word games.
      Crosswords, wordsearches, quizzes, wordplay, brainteasers, anagrams, mazes, cryptograms, number puzzles, jigsaws and other online games.

      Category: Games
    • 27 [2636]
      Quia: Vocabulary games about time. Idioms and expressions to match, flashcards, memory game.
      Category: Games
    • 28 [4434] Online interactive matching game about antonyms.
      Category: Games
    • 29 [1858] The Magic School Bus. Online game for children where they can learn about different topics.
      List of topics: Marine life, animals, archeology, insects, the earth, the human body, space, dinosaurs and science.

      Category: Games
    • 30 [1023] : Current news in a simplified language whose text is accompanied by audio files. Includes categories such as Business, English in 30 seconds videos, Grammar, Quizzes, Science, and more. A good spot for beginner and intermediate ESL students who need to practice listening comprehension.
      Category: Games
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