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      http://chagall-col.spip.ac-rouen.fr/spip.php?article23 [1191]
      Collège Gasny de Rouen : Christmas Interactive Book. Link to a 27 page booklet about Christmas. Vocabulary of Christmas with Match, Match and Listen, and Write exercises. Multi-task activities about Christmas objects, Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner traditions in several countries. Fill-in-the-blank exercises with recordings for two well-known Christmas songs. Each exercise is accompanied by automatic correction and overall results are shown on the last page.
      Category: Reading
    • 22
      http://www.copi.org/craig/events/today.html [1423]
      Copi.org: Information for today and what events happened on this date in the past.
      Category: Reading
    • 23
      http://www.eslcafe.com/forums/student/ [527]
      Dave's ESL Cafe.com: A place where you can submit questions and read previous answers about learning English as a second language.
      Category: Reading
    • 24
      http://www.mtsu.edu/~vvesper/dewey.html [2409]
      Dewey Decimal Classification: An online tutorial for the Dewey Decimal System of library classification.
      Includes examples and exercises showing how Dewey call numbers are assigned to books, as well as a short biography of Dewey himself.

      Category: Reading
    • 25
      http://www.englishclub.com/esl-articles/200003.htm [1769]
      EnglishClub.com: "Improve your English through Reading." A short article by Josef Essberger.
      Category: Reading
    • 26
      http://eolf.univ-fcomte.fr/ [1104]
      Eolf.univ.fcomte.fr : Original free listening, pronunciation, grammar, and academic reading exercises for English students based on a discovery learning approach. Also includes sections such as: Internet Links, Do-It-Yourself-English, For Teachers, Primary Level (for children), Beginners, Online Mini-Courses, and advices in Learn English On Your Own.
      Category: Reading
    • 27
      http://www.eslall.com/learn_english_675.html [10195]
      ESL All.com: A collection of hundreds of free general English articles to choose from. A list of topics includes: general reading, history of English, learning English, and articles written in simplified English.
      Category: Reading
    • 28
      http://www.esolcourses.com/content/topics3march/stpatricksda... [1278]
      EsolCourses.com : Saint Patrick's Day Vocabulary. A very simple reading text and picture vocabulary for ESL students as well as young learners, to learn twelve words related to St. Patrick and Ireland.
      Category: Reading
    • 29
      http://www.free-english-study.com [577]
      Free-Engligh-Study.com : Free English Study Site for ESL Learners. Includes 6 sections : Reading, Speaking, listening, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary. For all levels.
      Category: Reading
    • 30
      http://www.freeonlinereading.com/links.htm [10215]
      FreeOnlineReading.com: A directory of free online fiction. Links to free novels online, free fiction directories, short stories etc.
      Category: Reading
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