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      http://www.ccdmd.qc.ca/en/otsew/ [1074]
      CCDMD.qc.ca : OTSEW (Online Tutoring System for Essay Writing) This site aims to help you to identify and use the components of English sentences and to improve writing skills. Each unit presents a theme with written explanations and colourful animations. Pre-tests, practice activities and quizzes help learners to evaluate their abilities and progress through interactive media. With reference tools including a basic grammar, glossary and printable PDFs.
      Category: Testing
    • 12
      http://www.churchillhouse.com/en/online-english [1795]
      Churchillhouse.com : Online English. This free lessons and materials service from Churchill House will help you learn more about English. Includes these sections: Forums, Activities for Learners, Exam Guide, Teaching Materials (with fun activities such as Battleship, card games, crosswords etc.). For all levels.
      Category: Testing
    • 13
      http://www.churchillhouse.com/en/online-english/exam-guide/e... [500]
      ChurchillHouse.com: Elementary level English exams information and links.
      Category: Testing
    • 14
      http://www.churchillhouse.com/en/online-english/exam-guide/i... [505]
      ChurchillHouse.com: English intermediate level exams information and links.
      Category: Testing
    • 15
      http://apps.collegeboard.com/qotd/question.do [5631]
      CollegeBoard.com: One new SAT question answered and explained each day.
      Category: Testing
    • 16
      http://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/our-services/student-services... [10324]
      DawsonCollege.qc.ca : Academic Skills Centre. Resources to improve CEGEP students' writing and to help them pass Québec?s Ministerial Examination of College English (English Exit Exam) with a recommended procedure to follow. The site includes many handouts on grammar, time management, note and test taking, basic essays, oral presentation, learning, language and writing skills, assignments, documentation and exit exam skills.
      Category: Testing
    • 17
      http://www.world-english.org/english_test.htm [926]
      English Language Assessment Test: Takes a few seconds to load. Doesn't take more than ten minutes to complete.
      Tests your listening, grammar and reading skills and then gives you a rating between beginner and advanced.

      Category: Testing
    • 18
      http://www.english-test.net/ [1212]
      EnglishTest.net : Site featuring TOEFL-style exam preparation, dictionaries, and forums. It also offers a newsletter and a free-email English course. Includes sections such as: English Grammar Exercises, English Synonym Worksheets, ESL Business English Tests, Common Errors in English Usage, Idiomatic Expressions in English. For elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.
      Category: Testing
    • 19
      http://www.examenglish.com/ [1316]
      ExamEnglish.com : Free top-quality practice for all of the important international English language exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, and the Cambridge University exams. All test questions are written by experienced teachers and examiners. No registration required. For all levels.
      Category: Testing
    • 20
      http://www.gre.org/practice_test/takeant.html [4439]
      GRE.org: GRE antonym quiz. Sample test questions.
      Category: Testing
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