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    • 11
      http://www.insightin.com/reading/read.php?id=3 [1233]
      Article: "13 Easy Ways to Increase Your Vocabulary" by Sharon Green.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 12
      http://canadianhistoryontheweb.ca/ [835]
      CanadianHistoryOnTheWeb.ca : An exhaustive site meant as a resource to get you started on your search for historical sites. Its comprehensive series of links provides material for research such as articles, original documents, historical graphics and more. There is even a section named Fun and Games on the site.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 13
      http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/vocabulary.htm [3305]
      Capital Community College: Theoretical information about vocabulary-building tips in English.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 14
      http://www.ccdmd.qc.ca/ri/listening [1693]
      CCDMD.qc.ca : A Listening Companion. A collection of over 200 video clips featuring practical everyday language and many exercises. Comprehension questions, dictations, vocabulary exercises, and a glossary complement the listening activities.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 15
      http://chagall-col.spip.ac-rouen.fr/spip.php?article156 [1296]
      Chagall-col.spip.ac-rouen.fr: Collège Marc Chagall de Rouen: St. Patrick\'s Day Interactive Book. A 29 page booklet. Audio and visual vocabulary with three different exercises : Match, Match and Listen, and Write. Multi-media and multi-task activities about St. Patrick?s history, what people do on this holiday, Irish symbols as well as St.Patrick?s Day in the U.S. Includes information about Irish music (with the famous song Molly Malone) and Irish dancing. Each exercise is accompanied by automatic correction and your overall results are shown on the last page.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 16
       Business Related  http://chagall-col.spip.ac-rouen.fr/spip.php?article472 [1353]
      Chagall-col.spip.ac-rouen.fr: Jobs. Learn / revise the words related to jobs with audio and visual vocabulary as well as the differences between the present simple and the present continuous (BE + V-ing) with this 32 page interactive booklet. It includes these sections: Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Oral Comprehension, Pronunciation, Written Expression, Today is their Day Off, and Your Scores.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 17
      http://www.chompchomp.com/ [1323]
      Chompchomp.com : A grammar site useful for second- and first-language English students. Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, PowerPoints, and more! Exercises include such sections as: Comma Splices & Fused Sentences,Fragments, Irregular Verbs, Commas, Pronoun Agreement, Pronoun Case, Pronoun Reference, Subject-Verb Agreement and Word Choice.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 18
      http://www.churchillhouse.com/en/online-english [1795]
      Churchillhouse.com : Online English. This free lessons and materials service from Churchill House will help you learn more about English. Includes these sections: Forums, Activities for Learners, Exam Guide, Teaching Materials (with fun activities such as Battleship, card games, crosswords etc.). For all levels.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 19
      http://www.clichesite.com/index.asp [472]
      ClichéSite.com: A list of over 2100 clichés, euphamisms, sayings and figures of speech complete with definitions and explanations.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 20
      http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/ [1304]
      CNN.com: Read transcripts of what is broadcast at CNN TV.
      Category: Vocabulary
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