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      http://www.manythings.org/casp/ [1475]
      ManyThings.org: Computer assisted sentence production. The computer writes sentences for you.
      Uses CGI and JavaScript. Contributed by Charles I. Kelly.

      Category: Writing
    • 22
      http://www.mrmind.com/mrmind3 [1324]
      MrMind.com: You have to prove to MRMIND that you are not a machine. MRMIND is a computer program, not a human! He doesn\'t think or understand or feel.... but he isn\'t so sure that you do either. The creators of the program will be reading the logs, so mind what you say and have fun!
      Category: Writing
    • 23
       Business Related  http://www.ohio.edu/linguistics/esl/writing/index.html [10306]
      Ohio University.edu: English writing. A collection of links on writing techniques, from brainstorming to proofreading. Explore the mechanics of writing – spelling, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, paragraphing and transition. Learn how to organize a text, to do efficient research, to write university application letters and essays, business letters and writing, job search documents, resumes etc.. Includes writing activities for all levels, references, etc.
      Category: Writing
    • 24
      http://www.powa.org/ [9747]
      Paradigm Online Writing Assistance (POWA): Writing ideas and activities. Online guide which offers help in inventing, organizing, revising, and editing essays of special interest to nonfiction writing students and instructors.
      Category: Writing
    • 25
      http://www.sabri.org/comparison.htm [3540]
      SABRI.org: College Education. Online theoretical information. "Comparing & Contrasting."
      Category: Writing
    • 26
      http://www.sabri.org/Dangling-Modifiers.htm [3541]
      SABRI.org: College Education. Online theoretical information. "Dangling Modifiers."
      Category: Writing
    • 27
      http://www.sabri.org/Fused.htm [3543]
      SABRI.org: College Education. Online theoretical information. "Fused or run-on sentence."
      Category: Writing
    • 28
      http://www1.umn.edu/urelate/style/sciterminology.html [1903]
      Science Terminology Style Manual (University of Minnesota): Includes biological, medical, chemical, astronomical, geological, and metric terms.
      Category: Writing
    • 29
      http://www.speak-read-write.com/paragraphtransitions.html [4041]
      Speak-Read-Write.com: "Zip, Zip Paragraph Transitions" a short article by Sally Jennings. About making a smooth transition from the end of one paragraph to the beginning of the next.
      Category: Writing
    • 30
      http://www.storkavenue.com/phrases/index.html?content=christ... [1131]
      StorkAvenue.com : Christmas phrases. Greetings for Christmas cards or emails. A comprehensive series of useful phrases for all tastes and needs.
      Category: Writing
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