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    http://askdoctorenglish.blogspot.com/ [8661]
    AskDoctorEnglish.Blogspot.com: Ask Doctor English your ESL and English language learning specialist. Ask whatever you like about the English language. Doctor English is an ESL Teacher, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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     Business Related  http://wherearethebeblogs.blogspot.com/ [8659]
    Business English Blogs: A list of high-quality blogsites for those who are interested in Business English.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://craigsenglish.com/blog//blog1.php [10236]
    Craig's English Blog: Blog maintained by Debra Garcia. A forum for English students for practicing English in a meaningful, interactive way. Videos, podcasts, games, quizzes, surveys and more.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/ [10234]
    EduBlogs.org: Blog maintained by Larry Ferlazzo, an English teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California. Covers websites related to ELL, ESL and EFL.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://anglais.blogsome.com/ [8663]
    Englastuces: A very interesting blogsite for ESL learners. Contains general thoughts and ideas on language learning as well as great language links. Featured sections are: Dictionaries and References, ESL Learners, ESL Teachers, Quizzes and Exercises, Links to other Blogs on the web, and a lot more.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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     Business Related  http://www.english360.com/blog/ [8660]
    English 360: Ideas, reflections and conversation about language learning and teaching, business and communication, entrepreneurship and technology.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://esl-advices.blogspot.com/ [8654]
    ESL Advices Blog: This Blog is designed to help you continue to improve your English. Advice on how to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing in English!
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://www.esl-lesson-plan.com/ [8657]
    ESL Lesson Plans: Lesson plans, teaching locales, tips, tricks and budgeting advice mostly for novice and veteran ESL instructors, but also contains very interesting material for ESL students. Features Recent Entries, ESL Jobs, Hot Discussion Topics, and Cool Links. Edited by Carol Rueckert.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://neilwhitfield.wordpress.com/ [10233]
    Neil Whitfield's English and ESL site: It contains many practical tips on learning English and improving your language skills, as well as information on closely related topics including diversity and literacy.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://www.psa.eu.com/blog [1434]
    Psa.eu.com: blog. The blog of a website providing information on learning technologies for language organisations and language teachers.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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