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    http://www.english-blog.com/ [8656]
    The English Blog.com: A place where English instructors and students meet to discuss and learn. Covers the field of English as a whole. Great links and resources for English as a Second language, and other related disciplines such as composition, literature, rhetoric and linguistics. Also features ESL Coffeetalk, ESL Forum Buzz, and Scattergories. Edited by Lee Hobbs.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://jeffreyhill.typepad.com/english/ [8655]
    The English Blog: A high-quality English-learning related blog for teachers and students managed by Jeffrey Hill. Valuable comments and resources for English learning. Archives. Links to other blog sites.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://iteslj.org/links/TESL/Weblogs/ [8664]
    The Internet TESL Journal: An interesting collection of blog-related links for teachers and students of English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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    http://www.usingenglish.com/weblog/ [8662]
    UsingEnglish.com: ESL learners and teachers online blog. Ideas, thoughts, uses of English and other language-learning related issues. Features many discusion categories, ESL archives and links to other blogs. Very useful material for language learners.
    Category: Reading - Blogs ESL
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